Insertion of absorbent inlays

Inspecting the packaging

Standard or custom shapes – for us it's more than just a matter of form

BARTLING packaging comes in many standard shapes and sizes. Beyond this, all our customers have access to our wealth knowledge and high-tech computerised processes, which make implementing individual packaging requirements a simple matter. Many years of experience in the packaging of a truly diverse range of products means it is easy for us to speak your language, right from the development stage.

Whether it is a standard or customised product, you can be certain that our packaging delivers what you expect: fully-automated filling, supremely well-fitting lids, containers that are freezer and microwave safe.

We use high-quality polypropylene granulates, which are ideal for printing and recycling, to produce our packaging. The material acts as a good barrier against harmful influences such as light, moisture and air, to provide your product with optimum protection.

Our packaging is produced using minimum materials thanks to cutting-edge extruders and high quality raw materials, giving threefold savings: minimal use of raw materials which benefits the environment, lower weights which minimise transportation costs and recycling costs, which are also calculated by weight. Bartling packaging is therefore convincingly efficient.